Hired by an algorithm: Entelo gets $3.5M to expand data-based recruiting

This is interesting to me because my only resource from any point of perspective is as only gained from independently sitting in front of my computer! (with an interest!) /majicmike.co.uk/


Workers in fields like technology and academia are posting more information about their professional lives online, creating a pool of public data that can be machine-sifted to find job candidates.

That’s the idea behind Entelo, a start-up that believes algorithms can replace much of the heavy lifting performed by recruiters and HR departments. The San Francisco-based company, whose clients include Yelp(s yelp) and Square, parses millions of data points to create what amounts to a “professional graph” for thousands of skilled employees.

As my colleague Derrick Harris explained, Entelo’s data-aggregation software combs through sites like Github and LinkedIn(s lnkd) to find job candidates who are likely to be not just qualified, but also available (a burst of online activity is one of the strongest signals someone is ready to move).

Entelo now has over 80 paying clients and ten full-time employees, and on Wednesday it announced a $3.5 million…

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